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Bandit Box is a STEAM based English story driven monthly subscription box designed for children aged 4 to 12 years old. With 12 epic adventures through space and time, our boxes have been carefully crafted by a team of education experts, to help second language English speakers find the fun on their English learning journeys.

Bandit Box adventurers also have FREE weekly access to our online Community Chats, facilitated by native English speakers as well as our levelled Online Workshop to ensure the best possible learning through play experience.

FREE access to the Online Workshop

Product and content support videos

FREE Community Chats facilitated by native English speakers

3 levels based on English proficiency

FREE printable activity sheets

Parent summary reports and certificates

What is a Bandit Box

Bandit Box 1: Starter Explorer

Your epic monthly story-driven adventure starts here...

Like all great stories, it’s best to start at the beginning with Bandit Box 1: Starter Explorer. Our first box follows the story of Bandit the Crafty Cat through prehistoric times in order to find the missing items from the Workshop. Once Bandit finds a treasure chest, he sends out to all the Bandit Box Adventurers every month to make sure everyone around the world can find the fun! Starter Explorer is jam packed with theme related art, craft and STEM related activities and toys for children aged 4 to 12, and comes with 30 days FREE access to our Online Workshop and Free weekly Community Chats.

The Starter Explorer box contains 4 themed main make items along with a whole lot of smaller extra’s, bilingual instruction manual, themed stickers, colouring in book, stationary items, post cards, general knowledge scratch card, and more. The Starter Explorer box also comes with a Welcome to Bandit Box pack that contains once – off items our Adventurers will need across all 12 boxes. These include custom sticker book, Bandit Box smock  as well as our highly praised reversal Messy Mat (that doubles up as a social media background),  branded Bandit Box smock and other exciting surprises to help you find the fun through Bandit’s adventure through space and time!

What’s in the box?

Here is a sneak peak…

How to become a Bandit Box Adventurer



PURCHASE your Bandit Box 1: Explorer Starter

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Register for the Online Workshop

30 days FREE access to hours of fun learning activities, videos and printables. As well as comprehensive feedback and report summaries for parents.


Book your FREE Community Chat sessions

4 FREE weekly online chats where you can “Show what you know” with 4 other Bandit Box Adventurers from around the world.


Chat daily in our Topic Groups

Run by our amazing Online Facilitators, engage daily in our Topic groups to share your creations, practise your speaking and writing skills with other Adventurers of the same English level.

Our Online Facilitators

Our FREE weekly Online Community chats are hosted by native English speaking or Chinese Sign Language Online Facilitators from around the globe.

Bandit Box facilitators

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University Graduates

Taught in China

Basic Mandarin

Non Criminal Record Check

All our Bandit Box facilitators are required to meet the above criteria in order to join our team. As parents and teachers ourselves, we understand the importance child safety, and the influence our Facilitators have with our Adventurers on their learning journey. That is why we are proud to say we only hire native English speaking and certified Chinese Sign Language candidates who have had at least 2 years of teaching experience in China, as well require a non criminal record check every 6 months for all Bandit Box Online Facilitators.

The Online Workshop

All Bandit Box clients get 30 days FREE access to the Online Workshop as an additional value added service. Each Box comes with its own expertly designed levelled English course that introduces the Monthly Story, assists with comprehension, vocabulary and phonics, as well as compliments school curriculum’s with regard to English subject content knowledge for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Numeracy. Using the play-based learning model, Bandit Box Adventurers will find hours of fun in interactive games and activities, printable worksheets as well as playing our Bandit Box Pixel Numeracy platformer game. Our Online workshop also hosts a free Bilingual Parent Orientation module as well as tons of product support videos so that you can get the best out of your Bandit Box experience.

Make learning fun, with our expertly developed Bandit Box Online Workshop - FREE for all Bandit Box Adventurers!

3 different levels

Assessments and feedback

Videos, worksheets, games

Bilingual support videos

Phonics, STEM, Arts/Crafts

Wise Education Phonics Foundation Program

Our highest rated course to date

15 years and counting...

Phonics are the building blocks of reading, reading is the building blocks of future success in education. Join us now to get a head start on your child’s future success by signing up for our bilingual intensive phonics program with over 15 years of development and success stories behind its name. This intensive program has been designed especially for 1st Language Mandarin speakers, and builds an ever lasting foundation for your child’s English language development.


years of development

presented over 2 semesters with full bilingual online support for peace of mind.


successful completions

with hundreds of testimonials to support our claims.


success track record

regardless of age or current English language proficiency.

Bandit Box Monthly Story


from our Bandit Box Adventurers

LylaChangsha China
Qia QiaChangsha China
LeroyChangsha China
OliviaChangsha China
I love my Bandit Box. It has so many cool toys and fun things to do. I also like the Online Workshop because I am so good at all the games and I like the funny videos.
I love Bandit Box. I think the crafts are my favourite thing to do with my Mom and my Granny. My favourite thing on the Online Workshop is the math game and I can’t wait to show everyone what I made in the Community Chat.
Bandit Box is the coolest most funnest thing I have had that helps me to do so many cool games and challenges in English.
I like Bandit Box because it gives me a chance to share the things I make with my friends online. My Online Facilitator Mr Matt is also really nice and he helps me to build my English speaking confidence.

Play Based Learning

In this blog post we unpack the importance of play based learning and how Bandit Box can help get you started right away.

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Wise Education

If you love what you do then you will never work a day in your life. That is what we do here at Wise Education.

Katherine Chen
CEO Wise Education

Wholesome Creation

To all the children I have taught, thank you for being the "Why" behind Bandit Box.

Jessica Barker
CEO Wholesome Creation

Hey Dads...

Are you aware of just how important you are to your child’s learning journey? Find out how you can use Bandit Box to connect effortlessly with your child.

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